Some final thoughts: Full inclusion is really about education reform. Full inclusion is about teaching all students and using best practices. It is not about one-size-fits-all. Full inclusion is about giving access to all and promoting the best outcomes for all. It is about bringing special and general education together as collaborators. This is the promise of inclusion that I believe in. What about you?

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Open Your Wings and Fly: A Letter To Sabrina’s Sister


I know that being Sabrina’s sister won’t always be easy. You already have a desire for things and people who are “pretty” (yes, we’re working on that), and want things to be wrapped up in a pretty little bow. And let’s face it, as pretty and sweet and wonderful as your sister is… she’s not easily wrapped up in a perfect pretty little bow, is she? You’ll encounter mean people, people who stare, who don’t have the empathy and compassion that you’ve already grown to have in your young 3 years. And as you both grow, it’ll get harder.

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